That first breath of air
after diving too deep,
a hand promptly held
when you started to slip



5 Responses to “riddle”

  1. Clujean Says:

    That desperate gasp,
    The one you so need.
    It slips like the bowl,
    Now she already weeps.

    • mbiaro Says:

      what in common have these two:
      an egg white in a bowl
      and you?

      (the answer,
      as I’m sure you knew:
      they’ll both get whipped
      if they pursue)

  2. Clujean Says:

    if whip is what they’ll do,
    Who’ll be to blame,
    The eternal “who”?

  3. mbiaro Says:

    the blame lies
    with those who stay.
    as for the others, who will scold
    if we just drop, cover and hold?:)

  4. Clujean Says:

    For those who duck, who drop and cover
    commendment void implies no sin,
    But sincere commendations.
    And Jack, no gin.

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