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May 12, 2016

où suis-je, ces eaux sont pas à moi,

Ulysse, rebrousse chemin car t’as

largué trop de grandes vagues et là, trop

ivre ton bateau s’en va, nos

pâles marées s’effacent déjà, donc

ôte ta peau et coule-moi ça



April 26, 2016

it went up in smoke
but no one saw a thing,
or heard the noise,
or felt the trepidation,
but the traces of it grew,
and grew,
steadily trapping our hands
and feet, and heartbeats
in thick layers of unforgetfulness,
to be buried only
by time


April 26, 2016

No music withinings
O, Flewther I flame
above and belowings,
please wilden the tame

No music withings
No chord to impress
so wait for the willings,
your stutters confess.

No music withings
and words to undress,
let sing inner thrillings
those breezings that press


March 7, 2011

Tilting her head
she adoringly said:
‘for ever.’

Raising his brow,
he said with a bow:
‘for now’.

“Psychics can see the color of time is blue.” -R.S

February 20, 2011

and they can hear its echo
perfectly clear ahead
and even clearer through.